At JSFA, we emphasize on having different levels of coaching based on the individual requirements and children are accordingly classified based on their knowledge and understanding the sport.

    a. Beginner: Beginner: Beginners program is ideally suited for the children who are fairly new to the sport. This program offers fundamentals and basics which will allow the children to learn and develop new skills and later on work on them to master them.

    b. Intermediate: Intermediate: Intermediate program allows the children who are already familiar with the game to work on some of the key areas of their playing ability.

    c. Advanced: Advanced coaching program is an intense training program for developing innovative game play, strength and conditioning, advanced skills, etc. This program ensures the child realizes his/her true potential and beyond, as there is always room for improvement.

Training Methodology

Our coaches at JSFA follow various coaching methods to make learning simple and fun but yet understand the necessity of innovation in this highly competitive game. Fundamentals of the sport are taught through the basic drills which are primarily intended to improve efficient ball control, passing accuracy and team play leading to advanced programs that will facilitate the overall player development.

For the crucial development of junior player, the "practice play" methodology recreates the street playing environment allied to an advanced coaching methodology. For the young player, the practice play methodology progressively adds on realistic practices for larger playing numbers in areas that develop the outstanding skill, vision and decision making that is required for the game.